An open letter to all of our improv family, friends, and fans.

March 13th, 2020.  One year ago, today.  That evening, we had just finished up with one of the most well attended improv jams that we’d ever had.  We had no idea that when we turned out the lights and locked up the theatre that night, it would be for the last time.  

Within days, the government declared malls and all forms of live entertainment off limits…”indefinitely.”  Since we had no idea how long that actually meant, we began to move as much of what we do online.  The learning curve was intense.  But, within a month or so, we began to resume classes and workshops via the Internet.  We were still trying to figure out how to do (quality) shows online.  

As the Summer of 2020 progressed, hopes of reopening continued to dim.  Then, in October, the Mall abruptly gave all of the remaining tenants (of which we were one) eviction notices.  Shortly after that, the Mall closed completely…and the property was taken over by Onondaga County.  After 10 years of providing fun and laughs to the city of Syracuse, the Salt City Improv Theatre went permanently dark.

Now for the Silver Lining.  Since “live” entertainment has moved completely online, Improv has become somewhat of a Global Community.  Theatre companies and improv teams still have their “home cities” (which Syracuse will always be for us.)  But, students, actors, and audiences are no longer restricted geographically.  That’s good news…as it allowed us to continue throughout the pandemic.  Several of Salt City Improv’s teams have performed in jams, shows, and festivals that had an international audience.  In the very near future, we’re going to resume hosting our own shows…streamed online…on a monthly basis (at first.)

And, as vaccines are becoming more available, it’s looking like live, in-person, entertainment will be happening again in the foreseeable future.  When that becomes feasible, Salt City Improv plans on producing local shows and events in Syracuse.  In the meantime, we hope our comedy theatre family, friends, and fans continue to show their support.

Good things are on the horizon.  It’s been a weird, often dark, journey this past year.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for hanging in there.  

-Much love from all of us at Salt City Improv.

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